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Inland Presort & Mailing Services (IPMS) has been serving the Inland Empire area since 1996. It provides bar-coding and presorting services to local government agencies and businesses for postage discount. It has been providing and is committed to provide presort & mailing services with integrity, security, and expeditious delivery. It meets “Same Day Processing & Delivery to USPS” standard requirements by its customers.

We believe in customer service throughout our company, and it is backbone of our company. We treat all our customers same, small or big. We always notify our customers about any upcoming changes from the U.S. Postal Service.

The primary function of our company is picking up First Class mail, barcoding & sorting, and delivery of mail to USPS Same Day. All postal articles whose contents are in the nature of message can be classified as Mails which includes Letters, Postcard, Flats, Packages, Priority mail, Express mail etc. These are classified as First Class, Standard and Non-Profit class mails.

IPMS has the latest state of the art and top of the line equipment and very experienced, knowledgeable and courteous staff to meet all requirements of our clients. IPMS strives to keep its state of the art equipment and software up-to-date with latest requirements by the U.S. Postal Service, such as Full Service IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode).

Along with the Presort service, we also provide Inkjet addressing, folding, inserting, tabbing, labeling, collating, and metering services to our clients.

VISION: Inland Presort and Mailing Services’ Vision of excellence is to remain on the minds of the Business Leaders in the Inland Empire. We will be our Industry Leader by providing Quality Services to our Clients. Inland Presort and Mailing Services is actively promoting professional standards in Mailing throughout the Business Community.

MISSION: Inland Presort and Mailing Services’ mission is to provide the most cost effective Presort and Mailing Services in the Industry today.

Adding New Line of Services :

  • PARCELS: First Class / Standard / Bound Printed Matter
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Continue getting “Commercial Base” discount
  • Avoid surcharge of $0.20 for not having IMPB
  • No need to buy any software
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Same Day Processing & Delivery to USPS